Green transition in international freight forwarding

2 years ago

At EccoNetwork we have a shared philosophy and a common responsibility: to raise awareness about our activity´s environmental impact and to share strategies and technologies that reduce our CO2 emissions.

We know that freight international transportation, is one of the sectors making a great commitment to a correct sustainable transition. Companies on the sector are truly aware of their responsibility to the planet. They are implementing new actions that allow us to get closer to the 2050 neutral carbon emissions goal: Biofuels, circular systems, BigData, renewable energies… Effective solutions to move towards Green Logistics, although one in particular stands out above all others.

The first step: Calculate+Reduce+Offset

The solutions that are currently developing to decarbonize our sector will, in the long-term help to make it possible to achieve 100×100% sustainability in logistics. While these strategies are being outlined,  so that they do not entail high costs for the business fabric, the sector must take a step forward and not wait idly for time to pass: we must act as soon as possible and do our utmost to reduce our CO2 emissions.

EccoNetwork members are not afraid to take on the task we have set ourselves: to minimize the environmental impact of our customers’ freight movements by using our co2 calculation and reduction platform, in order to enhance the environmental awareness in our industry.

We are the sustainability prescribers in our sector

Our advisory and mediation position between our customers and transport providers allows us to work towards implementing sustainability in logistics. Through our pioneering software in calculating CO2 emissions and reductions of each goods movement, whether by air, sea or land, we can make CO2 reduction plans, increasing our customer´s product added value, enabling them to operate more efficiently and sustainably and supporting them in their ecological transition.

Today, more than ever, it is essential that we are aware of our responsibility to our present. International policies and objectives are focusing on reducing global emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, which are increasingly nearer horizons.

However, in order to preserve our system and our planet, the solution must not be to limit transportation, the basis of our economy, but to focus this sector on a sustainable perspective.


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