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What kind of Network is EccoNetwork?

EccoNetwork is the first international network of forwarders sharing the same philosophy. Sustainability, innovation and avant-garde technology.

With EcoNetwork all our members become sustainability prescribers, raising environmental awareness in international freight transportation.

Why EccoNetwork is different from other networks?

Unlike other networks, EccoNetwork’s main objective is to create an international community of Forwarders united in bringing sustainability to international freight transport.

By using the digital platform that EccoNetwork has exclusively developed, all our members commit to calculate and reduce a minimum of 10,000  CO2 tons per year.

Why should my company join EccoNetwork?

At EccoNetwork, in addition to promoting environmental awareness and reducing the impact of transport by calculating, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions, we offer our members a series of exclusive benefits. Read more here.

How does my company apply for membership?

Please fill the application form on our website. You can find it by clicking here. If for some reason this application form doesn’t work, please contact us by sending an email to

How much is the registration fee?

If you want to know the prices, feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to provide you with all the information.

How EccoNetwork choose and ensure qualified partners?

EccoNetwork has a rigorous selection process, which includes value assessments. This ensures that only reliable and credit-worthy companies enter the network. Furthermore, we only accept a limited number of members per country, which makes it more exclusive.

Ecconetwork members are also required to calculate at least 10.000 annual CO2 tons (sea, air and / or road) 

How many members EccoNetwork has in every country?

EccoNetwork allows 3 members in each country except for India, China, and USA.

Where can I find the members' list?

This list is currently exclusive to EccoNetwork members.

EccoNetwork can provide you with information about the countries where it already has members.

Any additional question?

If your question is not answered in this section, please contact our team through this link, thank you!

About EccoNetwork software

Is the EccoNetwork software verified?

Yes, EccoNetwork software is verified by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Is the platform certified by any official organization?

EccoNetwork’s software is certified by ISO standards for Quality Management (9001), Carbon Footprint (14064) and Environmental Management (14001).

Which are the protocols used in EccoNetwork platform?

Our platform complies with the standards of international greenhouse gas inventory protocols, including the GHG Protocol and the PAS2050 standards.

How does EccoNetwork software calculate the CO2 emissions?

In its carbon footprint calculation formula, EccoNetwork’s software applies the globally recognized emission factors DEFRA, DECC, ECOINVENT and IMO.

How can I create my routes?

EccoNetwork support team will create your first 100 routes. You only have to fill our brief Excel file that we will send you and within a maximum period of one week, your routes will be active on the platform.

What happens if I exceed my first 100 routes?

Don’t worry! Our team will train you in a quick and agile one-day online session to create them by yourself.

how many routes can I create?

You can create unlimited routes. 

when are my routes available?

In order to avoid mistakes, EccoNetwork support will validate your routes within 24/48 hours.

What if my route has any transhipment?

don’t worry! you can add as many transhipments as your route has.


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