The Concept

Sustainable forwarding

Welcome to Ecconetwork!

After 30 years in various positions in different areas of our industry, as a Forwarder, I realize the true meaning of the word “Partner”.

When we founded EccoNetwork, we asked ourselves what the next step was to move forward in this partnership, and the answer was sustainability.

This is how the sustainable forwarder concept was born as an idea to bring sustainable efficiency to our customers through our transport service.

Our first software only calculated CO2 emissions, and we started a journey together with our customers with the aim of showing our environmental awareness with simple but very real actions.

Today we are also able to reduce emissions, offering through our software, the most efficient suppliers and route alternatives.

Ecconetwork was born with the idea of creating an alliance for the improvement of the impact of transport worldwide, whose objective is as simple as it is universal: reduce our carbon footprint by looking for more efficient real alternatives and to be prescribers of sustainability for our clients.

This is our Sustainable Forwarding concept, a path that we have started with forwarders and logistics operators as the main protagonists and leaders of a positive change that will soon be a mandatory basis for all transport operations, anticipating the future that will undoubtedly come.

Ecconetwork does not intend to do greenwashing, we intend to be a community of companies that are truly committed and that demonstrate it by using the tools that we make available for the benefit of the environment and our customers. In addition, we will allocate 15% of our income to actions that will improve the CSR of all our partners.

By 2020, we calculate more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2 and avoid more than 20% of emissions…

Imagine what we can do together!

This community, open to all of us who are already thinking about creating the future of transport, not only differentiates us in our markets and to our customers, it also gives us a great responsibility and separates us from all those who believe that nothing can be done and remain stuck in the past.

Ecconetwork provides the technological tools, our Know How, Marketing and Full Support for you to start this path in your markets, but the awareness and the will to start this new path also depends on you and your commitment.


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