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3 years ago

Following the Paris Agreement in 2015, the first legally binding agreement on climate change, the UN and all signatory countries aim to strengthen their capacity to cope with the effects of this change. Green Pacts, Growth Strategies… sustainable legislations are more than a trend, they are our present.

We, as part of the international freight forwarding industry, have the responsibility to act immediately, leading the change our planet needs to ensure its future and our system.

Sustainable forwarding

Transportation is one of Europe’s biggest climate problems, accounting for 27% of EU total carbon emissions. If we take Spain as an example, 8.5% of GHG emissions come from freight transportation.

EccoNetwork, our international network, gather all forwarders who share our commitment to sustainability based on our three values: Sustainability, innovation and cutting-edge technology. All our members become sustainability prescribers, generating environmental awareness in the international freight-forwarding sector while using our advanced platform designed to calculate and reduce CO2 emissions on their client´s freight movements

Infinite innovation for an unlimited world

EccoNetwork provides access to the most accurate transportation CO2 emissions calculator on the market, carrier efficiency, kilometres travelled, type of transport, route taken… Specific software for freight transportation based on more than 30 years of know-how in the sector. With this tool, our members provide their customers with a sustainable awareness, increasing the value of the final product and supporting them in their ecological transition.

EccoNetwork Digital Platform

-Calculate the CO2 emissions of cargo movements.

-Reduce CO2 emissions by more than 10%.

-Compare routes with similar alternatives to know their efficiency.

-Generate reduction plans to reduce CO2 emissions.

-Include CO2 emissions and reduction results on bills and invoices.

Our software, specifically designed to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint in freight transportation, is supported by international protocols and standards. We are convinced that sustainability is more than a responsibility; it is an opportunity to ensure the future of the planet and our economic system.


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