COP26 and the objective of preventing temperatures from increasing no more than 1.5º Celsius.

1 year ago

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP26, which is being held in Glasgow until this coming Friday, November 12, is proving to be pessimistic as far as the achievement of objectives is concerned.

Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission (EC) for the Green Pact, has stated that, although the declarations of the countries present at COP26 are promising, we are not getting closer to the objective of preventing temperatures from increasing no more than 1.5ºC by the end of this century.

While we are moving in the right direction, the world is still a long way from achieving that goal. This is why Timmermans calls for “firm decisions that will put us on track to achieve our goal this year, because the clock is ticking”.

A shared responsibility

The group that gives a voice to most of the world’s developing countries or Group of 77 and China (G77+China) have requested the richest nations to increase their climate ambition as well as support fighting the consequences of the aforementioned global warming.

The response to the climate emergency is a shared global responsibility.

The group has called on more developed partners to be “much more ambitious in initiatives to reduce emissions and more ambitious in providing support to developing countries”.

In addition to this call, the G77 + China spokesperson stressed the urgency for developed countries to “deliver on their promises and reach the target of mobilizing $100 billion a year in climate finance”.


Avant-garde technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

Analyzing the agreements reached at COP26, we are proud to have launched EccoNetwork in order to transmit our sustainable awareness at an international level. EccoNetwork is the first global network of agents united for sustainability with the objective to reduce the environmental impact generated by freight transport.

In our quest to reduce as much carbon footprint as possible in the transport of goods of all our customers, we have combined sophisticated technological tools with the most cutting-edge software to create the first digital platform specialized in the calculation and reduction of CO2 emissions for the transport of goods.

This platform is one of the main benefits EccoNetwork gives to its members.

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