The Beginnings

Sustainability, High-Tech and Innovation


EccoFreight was founded in 2014, focused on SUSTAINABILITY and TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION, developing intelligent solutions and differentiated services that provide added value and increase competitiveness.

Since the founding of the company, EccoFreight maintains exponential annual growth, becoming a benchmark in the sector.

In EccoNetwork we want to share our success story.

It has positioned EccoFreight as the pioneer sustainable prescriber company in the sector.

What is EccoNetwork?

EccoNetwork is the first PROFESSIONAL NETWORK that gathers FORWARDERS towards the same goal:

add sustainability and technology to freight transportation, and contribute to the generation of environmental awareness.

EccoNetwork provides the members access to a pioneering digital platform in calculating and reducing CO2 emissions in freighting, providing sustainability and added value to the products of our member’s clients.


  • Promote environmental awareness in our sector by implementing sustainability through the use of our digital platform tools in order to calculate and reduce carbon print.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transportation by calculating, reducing, and offsetting CO2 emissions.
  • Provide our EccoNetwork members with the necessary resources to start the sustainable transformation of their clients.

A Step Ahead

Every gesture counts towards getting closer to the goal of decarbonizing the economy by 2050.

After the Paris Agreement in 2015, the first legally binding agreement on climate change, the UN and all the signatory countries aspire to strengthen their capacity to cope with the effects of this change.

Green Pacts, Growth Strategies … sustainable legislation is more than a trend, it is our present.

We must act immediately, leading the change that our planet needs in order to ensure our future and system.


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