Justin Facey

CEO Kensa Logistics

KENSA Logistics was one of the first EccoNetwork partners invited to be part of this exclusive platform. From the first moment when I found out about its creation, I could immediately see that we both have the same philosophy of sustainability, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

Sometimes you need a third party to help you spread your values. This has been the case of EccoNetwork, because although we are clear about our values, having a strategic partner to promote them together is of enormous help to us.

We are very grateful to Ecconetwork’s structure as it provides us with the software, the knowledge, and years of experience in calculating the emissions and carbon footprint of each of our suppliers. With this, we are able to offer this same service to our clients.

We do this as we believe that it is our responsibility to help others to take care of this world for the new generations.

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